Mayor Campaign

Mayor Campaign
The Number 1 Fundraising Service for your Club

Mayor Campaign


We believe this is one of the best ways to fundraise for your club for a number of reasons.

  • Each candidate will mobilise others to raise for their campaign with large and small fundraisers
  • It can raise well over €100k
  • Your club can run it every 2 to 4 years.

We will build you a professional website with pages for all your candidates, provide marketing for all of your fundraisers and also provide you with fundraising events and services.

The following example is for a club looking to raise €100k+

Step 1

Order the Mayoral Campaign, select 4 candidates & we create your Campaign website with fundraising pages for each.




  1. Order a Premium Fundraiser and Get 50 Businesses to sponsor your club for €250 each
  2. Each business will get one month of Social Media content
  3. My fee is €2,500 and your club receives €10,000 guaranteed
  4. Your club will also make another €10K+ with a fundraising event

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