How To Create a Fundraising Website

The first thing that any organisation, club or charity should do is setup an online donations page page

How To Create a Fundraising Website

We have many ways to help you fundraise on your own website including, auctions, raffles, online store and live streaming. Also it is a continous way to fundraise and promote any fundraising event.

The Importance of a Donation Page

We are living in the digital age and if you are not taking online donations from your website, you are ignoring that fact to your considerable loss. People like ex pats from your area see social media and would like to support events back home so taking regular payments online is essential.

Provide Donation Options

Offer different donation options, such as one-time donations, monthly donations, or custom amounts.

This is a huge mistake that most seem to make regarding their donation form. You have a unique chance to upsell another donation product.

A club payments form for instance can feature donations, memberships, 50-50 draw, raffles, tickets, products, general payments


Highlight the benefits of donating, such as supporting a good cause or receiving a tax deduction.

Share your donation page on the usual social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram

Run paid ads on social media platforms or Google to reach a wider audience. This is a good strategy for starting off with a donation page.


I include a specialised website of all of the donation features listed above for clients websites.



How much should it cost to create a fundraising website?

The cost can vary depending on the platform and extra features you choose. Some platforms offer free or low-cost options, while others may charge fees or require a minimum donation amount. Expect to pay around €300 for design and hosting with minimal features.

How do I promote my fundraising website?

Promotion can mainly be done through social media, email marketing, and advertising. Using a combination of these channels can help drive traffic to your website and increase donations. If you are a club or organisation, then make sure a call to action goes out with every email, letterhead etc. This will remind everyone who sees anything pertaining to your cause.

Can I accept international donations on my fundraising website?

Yes, many fundraising websites offer international payment options so world donors can contribute to your cause. Paypal and Stripe are also good for this reason.

How do I track and manage donations on my fundraising website?

Most fundraising websites come with built-in donor management tools that allow you to track and manage donations. You can also integrate your website with a donor management software for more advanced tracking and engagement. Your payment processor should also keep records of every payment to your account.




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