Gameshows are a fun way to raise money which can make you anything from €2,000 to €10,000 and more depending on your venue



From the invention of television, gameshows have essentially been a mainstay of entertainment. Audiences for decades, have loved the thrill of competition, suspenseful moments and of course a chance to win big prizes. From classic quiz shows like Blankety Blank and The Price is Right to modern game shows like The Chase and Deal Or No Deal, the format of game shows has evolved with the changing tastes of viewers.

The first game show, Spelling Bee was aired on radio in 1938, but it was not until the 1950s that game shows became a regular on TV Schedules. The game show phenomenon reached its peak in the 1960s with American shows like The $64,000 Question, Twenty-One, and The Dating Game.

In recent times, gameshows have made a comeback with the rise of reality TV. Shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and The Voice have become cultural touchstones, drawing in millions of viewers each week. With the advent of streaming services plus social media, gameshows continue to evolve and adapt to changing technologies, ensuring that they remain a fixture of entertainment for years to come.


Familiar Fortunes based on the ITV TV show of a similar name.

This show involves 2 teams of 5 people who answer survey questions.

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MasterMinds is based on the BBC TV show of a similar name.

The Black Chair hosts 4 contestants who each sit through a one minute round based on their specialised subject and another one minute round based on general knowledge.

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Questions On Sport is based on the BBC TV show of a similar name.

This show involves two teams of 3 people.

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Deal is based on the ITV show of a similar name.

This show involves ten to eighteen people.

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